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Take a tour with me of this spectacular home for sale in the prestigious gated community of Bel Air Crest in the Bel Air 90077 area of Los Angeles, Californi…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  • Christophe Choo

    Thank you so much, glad you liked the video!

  • GasserGlass

    Your Presentation Of This Home Is A Job Well Done Chris!

  • Christophe Choo

    It is a great house, glad you like it.

  • ciel222


    Definetly my type. I like everything about it, so chic.

  • MusicPerson981

    Hope Your Still Selling Homes When I Buy My Own…I’m Only In My Teens And I Will Be Moving Here When I’m Older 🙂 After I Make A Fortune Of Course

  • ProfessorSpeech

    Great Video Christophe.


    Great video well done .
    That will be nice I noticed someone is asking to see your house.

  • Christophe Choo

    That would be awesome, and no worries as I know the best decorators in town.

  • maclover901

    Amazing home! I can not wait to come to LA my family owns a business in the very “lovely” Texas state. Once I take over the business and have the money to move into a house like that I will surely do so! But if I do buy a house from you…. You need to tell me where the good interior decorators are!

  • nmnn95

    can we see ur house

  • Christophe Choo

    I am sure I will, make a fortune, then come the Beverly Hills and we can get you an amazing mansion!

  • drodriguez2011

    I Hope your still selling Homes when I buy my own. I’m barely 19, so I still have some time on my hands !! You are brilliant.

  • Christophe Choo

    Thank you Elizabeth, I am always trying to raise the bar and make my marketing better and better!

  • Elizabeth Hardy

    You have raised the bar again, my friend. What a beautiful video…

  • Christophe Choo

    6 feet tall.

  • Christophe Choo

    Yes, I did an initial Flip-cam walk through video however I always like to have a professional one done as well.

  • bjhgi

    Am I mistaken or did you showed this home already in a walkthrough video?
    Anyway – i love this home it looks nice it has a lot of space and a kitchen worthy it’s name. If i could buy this house i would!

  • syntaur

    very well made video of the Bel Air Crest property… thanks for posting…:)

  • MABAestates

    Mr. Choo, how tall are you?