Paying Homeowners to Short Sale with HAFA North Scottsdale Real Estate As part of the Governments Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) the treasury department unrolled the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program (HAFA) which will pay homeowners to sell at a loss. This is in an effort to encourage more troubled homeowners to go through a short sale rather than a foreclosure. HAFA starts April 5th, 2010. 00 to the home owner to ease their transition to a new home relocation assistance Servicing bank will get 00. Another 00 can go toward a second loan, if there is one The payments come out of the Billion mortgage modification plan. As well, the program is supposed to help streamline and standardize the short sale process. Lenders and investment pools owning many home loans get more money from short sales Community and the lender doesnt have to deal with a vacant home (Up to 50% of vacant homes get ransacked) Borrower gets assurance the lender will not sue for unpaid mortgage balance Federal Program would require banks to accept offer if it is at or above the value assigned by a real estate agent Borrower must prove hardship and that foreclosure is immanent Here is the program outline from Home Affordable Modification Program Here is a Ney York Times article talking about Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program:

Alex goes into the top stories of the past week including a story about mobile naked body scanners for the streets of america and also brain scanners coming to airports in the future.Yes, it’s 1984 with a Buck Rodgers twist here in the 21st century Police Grid. Geithners Fed told AIG to hide backdoor bailout Homeland Stupidity January 10, 2010 The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, during its 0 billion bailout of American International Group, Inc., instructed AIG to omit details of its purchase of certain toxic assets from a December 24, 2008, Securities and Exchange Commission filing, according to e-mails between the company and the Fed released Thursday. Protesters yell at people looking out the windows of an AIG office building during a rally against government bailouts for corporations in April, 2009. Using bailout money provided by the Fed, AIG paid a number of banks 100 percent of the face value of credit-default swaps, contracts tied to subprime home loans, at a time when other institutions were negotiating deep discounts for the paper. The names of the banks were also omitted from the SEC filing. The information was finally disclosed in March 2009 after the SEC challenged AIGs filing, prompting lawmakers and analysts to call the transactions a backdoor bailout of the banks. Topping the list of banks which benefited from the backdoor bailout of their toxic paper were Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale SA. The e-mails, released Thursday by Rep
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  • MixtapeKilla2004

    Because I’m trying to move out fo my mother house i wanna get a apartment if i get a job won’t make much trying to find a program that will go half with me on paying bills where do you find those programs?

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  • piercingkitty44

    I need someone to lick on mt apple pie

  • smujismuj

    Here’s a crazy notion…maybe Obama is giving all of these control freaks enough rope to hang themselves….anybody?

  • enuvune

    making money out of nothing, backed up by your tax dollars, which is also nothing? and you care why?

  • tsenzei

    The importance is that currency be controlled by the people/government, not by the banks. Whether it’s fiat, backed by gold or silver, or based on production and other resources.

  • driverjugs

    blah, blah, blah

  • WastedPo

    @Becka, agreed. And please let it be a “real” jail where they have 300 lb cellmates named Tinkerbell and not some country club jail.

  • Normington Headspice

    what an excellent channel. well done to who-ever looks after it.

    I have a web site where you can watch and download all of Alex Jones movies for free. As well as global warming videos and some poison in your food movies.
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  • FreedomsReigning

    No argument there, but that isn’t what he’s proposing.

  • majikninja07

    standardization of gold and silver as currency gave us civilization, not paper money that collapse and destroys what ever government its attached to

  • majikninja07

    according to most climatologist and all their text books clouds and water vapors are 90% of the greenhouse gases, myabe man made global warming is real ? chem trails anyone?

  • FreedomsReigning

    Yes, look what the monetary system has given us.

    Money is just a portable representation of labor used by productive people to exchange it between each other. It’s giving us “civilization”.

    Everyone make a note of this man “Silverbullet1973”. Humanity has an enemy, and it’s people like him. He’s the kind of man that sees himself standing at the base of a great monolith, built for him, by slaves.

    Like I said, STFU before you meet the people you want as slaves.

  • 5starrater1

    – no idea about netflicks but the episode was called End Of Time.

  • King KravaN

    No but my dad watches that show i’m gonna have to ask him about it. Plus I can watch that show on netflixs  what season # and ep # was it ?

  • 5starrater1

    – I was considering this myself. I reckon that the antichrist craves what God has – to be all powerful, all present and all knowing, particularly of all our intimate details and our thoughts too.

  • King KravaN

    LOL I said ONLY 2 times ha

  • 5starrater1

    – Did you see the Christmas edition of Dr Who? Big red planet shows up in that – thought it was very interesting allusion to the whole planet x thing.

  • King KravaN

    but what about Planet X? i do believe this is really coming what are your takes on that? please only peace full replys only thank you

  • King KravaN

    that is the evil in you talking

  • REXER1977

    I think as a poinient reminder to the rest of the nwo the people should organise a bullet proof glass cell in the middle of the main torism locations under 24hr cctv, given the vaccines and made suffer by the very system theyr tring to put into place.
    Peace n love

  • coal4life

    Jail is too good for these bastards. They should be hanged for treason.

  • crypter27

    You’ve come along way Alex,you have awakened minds. I’ve been supporting you since 2003,God bless you brother.

  • lastpatriot4America

    How does it feel people.. We knew we were right. Now everyone is waking up and we don’t seem so crazy . God Bless Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Jason, And all the front line. Without these people there would be no truth. I am not happy that we were right,but hey. Now we all know so lets take the criminals down. Fix this Great Nation and get back to work. Rock on PATRIOTS.

  • silverbullet1973

    look what a monitary system has given us ,war ,greed.poverty,genocide. I will bet your a Zionist. SO STEP ASIDE MORON.

  • ngonea

    Alex, don’t forget Cafr1/dot/com
    The Gov’s own “ALL” thru collective liquid investment offshore assets, Gov is not broke, they are only showing 1/ 3 of the accounting ledger, 2/3rds is assets hidden from the ppl, we do not need austerity, IE murder of poor ppl, their is enough wealth to run this Nation without Taxes , see: Walter Burien, cafr1/dot/com