Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve System Town Hall Meeting with Educators

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke participated in a live webcast of a town hall meeting with educators on Thursday, September 30, 2010 from 2:30-3:30 pm EDT. During this session, Chairman Bernanke answered teachers’ questions about the Federal Reserve and the economy. From the Federal Reserve:
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According to a recent study, 9.9 million homes have been vacant since 2008 due to foreclosure. and as of 2011 that number has increased to 14.3 million units. Many blame the bleak housing market and the unemployment rate for the number of abandon homes in America. So how can the US solve this problem? John Taylor, CEO for the National Community Reinvestment Coalition, and Anthony Randazzo, director of economic research for the Reason Foundation, give us their take on what should be done with the homes. Like us and/or follow us:
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  • imatelly

    blah blah blah.

    people walked into a bank and baught a house they wanted,not thinking of tomorrow,and not saving a dime.

    now people lose their house cause of their own dumb choices,cause they spend more than they make.

    any smart person can see there was no gun involved in these actions,so its not a banks fault you made a bad choices.

  • imatelly

    you let tvs and phones destory your life,hahaha,now deal with it.
    you are worth less than dirt,deal with it and move on.
    if someone reading this dies tomorrow,life goes on,if dirt vanished,everything would die.
    dont act like you have worth and deserve everything and you wont suffer losers.

  • lymenexus

    Reason Guy bombed. He needed to say freedom was NOT the cause of the bubble. It was government policy that violated freedom!

  • redrum41987

    You know how I know the world doesn’t care about most people, the fact that none of these homes were opened to homeless people. They cant spare a million homes for homeless families. They’d still have 13 million to sell.

  • uioppt

    i gotta good idea. throw the bankers into as many homes as you can, then burn them to the ground. poof. mission accomplished.

  • DIJV79

    I’ll buy one of those sheds from home depot.

  • ObsenityofAtomicTech

    Notice they do not even talk about the local tax burden on the home owner, not only the owner occupier, who gets over taxed, but the investment home owner that gets even more over taxed on the front end and only the knowing business people find ways around those abuse tax rates. The owner occupier is stuck, when he live in the home and especially when he takes a loss selling to move to a place of lower local taxation, or at least a location of employment. Taxation is the destructive force.

  • 1977Melville

    Use the empty homes to store tungsten gold?

  • jvolstad

    Homes? Don’t you mean houses.

  • BlackWolfVulcan

    Libertarians are fucking idiots

  • CaptainDummyTalk

    What are you talking about? China bombing cities and schools…? WHAT?

  • harveybirdmannequin

    I hope this dispels the myth that capitalism generates abundance or wealth. Capitalism depends on scarcity. Why wouldn’t they just gives the homes away? They are falling apart from lack of maintenance and sucking up infrastructure resources.
    Clearly the unaffordability of homes has nothing to do with a lack of natural resources or labour. You can’t make a profit by giving away homes and remember those “socialist moochers” will never work if you give them anything even if it costs you nothing.

  • Debbie MacMillan

    Wow to think that if all of Canada were comprised of only 2 member families….those 14 million empty houses would nearly house the entire Country…..just shows the enourmessness in the numbers of empty housing in the US. I feel for all of you Americans, but when that hits the US, Canada usually follows shortly after. I think our time up here is numbered as well.

  • sirellyn

    You hate the banks, you continue to bail them out. Why? bc you’re told it will be the end of the world if you don’t. By who? The banks, and the same liars in washington who lead you into the iraq war.

    You don’t give the banks free money or permission to buy houses at near zero interest and you let NORMAL people do so and housing prices would fall. People who normally could afford houses will buy them. The fed set those interest rates, not the free market.

  • JudeK0pa

    14 million wooden shacks wonder how much americans bastards homeless- 70 million poor on food stamps rations 50 million pensioners also a burden how long till these bastard rot hahah-cant wait for when china bailiffs start indiscriminately bombing cities schools hospital etc-also hope Beijing recruits ‘foreign fighters’ pilots

  • 1manicmuse

    Dig deeper, IN 2008 the banks were manufacturing foreclosures..they wouldn’t accept your payment say it was lost etc, this crime goes way deeper AND THE MEDIA KEEPS PERPETUATING THE LIE THAT WE ALL TOOK ON MORE THAN WE COULd BARE THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED, they were making money off all the fees, etc, Mortgage servicing fraud org

  • bulletproof2353

    how the jews run wall st

  • bulletproof2353

    what jews did to germany



  • bulletproof2353

    or we could put the jew bankers back in the ovens(for the 1st time) and put goys they looted back in those homes

  • mygunismyid

    Than get off your ass and start hunting them down..just like your fathers did..if not stfu! ..

  • Andrew Stergiou

    Thanks for suggesting that the housing market be allowed to collapse so that prices find their real market value. After investing all I have in a home I appreciate that greatly in support of that objective but as someone on a fixed income at 58 yo I am taking legal advantage of my position to put a brake on all non-essential payments to banks (credit cards) so they can eat that also and I can a bit more cash.

    Arrest the banker swindlers their political friends profiteers and speculators !!!!!!