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Buying a Fixer Upper with FHA 203k: 60 Second Mortgage Tip

pixvid.me This is your :60 Mortgage Tip with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. Find out how you can buy a fixer-upper home and have the repairs & home improvements done by a professional, rolling the costs into the life of the mortgage. Learn about the FHA 203k in this :60 video. Script: Fixer uppers — it seems to be the usual route when buying your first home. But do you really have to put in all those hours of do-it-yourself work to save money? Here’s the secret: no you don’t. You have an option in today’s mortgage world to finance the home improvements you want or need. It’s called the FHA 203k. You can roll the cost of home improvements into the life of the mortgage, all in one monthly payment. Want to know what repairs are eligible for this? Watch the videos we’ve done, and download the free guide down below. Download the FHA 203k Survival Guide: blog.amerifirst.com FHA 203k video playlist: www.youtube.com Subscribe to the blog: blog.amerifirst.com Music: Disinegrating in the Clouds from Dan-O Songs www.danosongs.com