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Occupy Homes MN Forecloses on Local Freddie Mac Conference

Thursday, June 07, 2012, Bloomington, MN– Before the plates were cleared from the luncheon, Freddie Mac trainers and dozens of conference attendees were sta…

Ralph Nader vs. Corporate America Occupy Wall Street Explained

Ralph Nader interviewed during the Republican National Convention. Don’t be fooled, there are more choices than just the two corporate run parties. A vote for the republican or democratic party is a wasted vote. Both parties are the same. They both want to continue to expand our military. We do not have a democracy when independants and third parties are censored in the media. It is essentially a 2 party system and that’s unconstitutional. Our policy of global intervention is the single most important issue worldwide and it is completely off the table for democrats and republicans. America is broke because we are policing and occupying the world. History proves that all empires fall. Let’s stop it before it destroys us. Ralph Nader will be on the ballot in 45 states. If he’s not on the ballot in your state, simply write his name in. Ralph Nader is endorsed by Ron Paul and I’m sure Dr. Paul will have a roll in a Nader administration. Eight years ago, Ralph Nader correctly predicted that the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) were on track to follow the savings and loan industry of the 1980s and 90s into a big financial heap of trouble. www.thenation.com Offical Nader 08 Channel: www.youtube.com
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HARP The housing and recovery program is a six million dollar launch between the First Baptist Church CDC Corp, Magyar Bank and The Federal Home Loan Bank Of New York. Together they harness resources, finanaces and various people to acheive a faith based, community based resolve to rescue home owners and tenants from foreclosures.

Occupy Raleigh Home Defense Against Illegal Foreclosure – Occupy Raleigh Day 178 – 4.9.2012

On 4.9.2012 Occupy Raleigh along with Occupy Greensboro, Take Back The Land, Save Our Homes, and Mortgage Fraud NC attempted to defend the home of a family illegally foreclosed on in Southeast Raleigh. This is a recap of the day’s events including the eventual arrests. IMPORTANT NOTES: This was not an attempt by Occupy to squat. This was an attempt to allow the family access to their belongings before they were trashed, and to hopefully allow them some way to stay in the home and/or bring attention to the reality of mortgage fraud. Occupy’s assistance was in fact requested by the homeowner!
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Occupy Minneapolis Forms Human Chain to Defend Foreclosed Home, Police Retreat

November 19th, 2011: Occupy Minneapolis encountered a bit more resistance from the authorities on day one of #Operation Occupy Southside than expected. Following two arrests and an incident in which a police officer tried to run down an occupier with a squad car, Occupy Minneapolis formed a human chain around Sa’ra Kaiser’s foreclosed home, preventing the officers from boarding it up, and ultimately forcing the police – who had no legitimate legal pretense for preventing occupiers from being their in the first place – to give up and leave.