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Cash Flow & Wealth Building Event with Flip Thius House Real Estate Gurus!

http://pages.fortunebuilders.com/memphis-invest-registration/ – Learn how you can be invited to an exclusive Wealth Building event with A&E’s hit TV show Fli…

Real Estate Investing Mentor- real estate mentor and real estate investment gurus

www.thelearningplanet.com – Real estate reality show with Ron LeGrand hosted by Kristi Frank from Season One of The Apprentice. Get a real estate investing mentor and get free real estate mentoring online. Get your commercial real estate investing basics education today.

Commercial Real Estate Investing Secrets – What the GURUs Don’t Want You To Know

www.TheRealWealthCompany.com What does it really take to get started in commercial real estate investing? The gurus won’t tell you unless you spend 00’s of dollars on real estate investing courses. My partner, Rob Powell and I started The Real Wealth Company to help you understand how to be successful investing in commercial real estate. We want to share the truth about what it takes. We’ve done it ourselves, and had some great real estate mentors and partners along the way. We own over million worth of commercial real estate including apartment buildings, mobile home parks, raw land, strip shopping centers and office buildings. We are young and started from the ground up, in fact, we met at a commercial real estate investing seminar as real estate investor wanna-be’s. Then we were so successful, we started coaching for a nationally known mentoring program. We got frustrated when we saw how many real estate investors wanted to get started but were struggling to have the success they wanted. We felt that a lot of real estate investing gurus put a lot more time and money into marketing their course than giving their prospects (thats you and me!) a real perspective on what it takes to be successful. So, that’s what this video is all about. It’s part 1 of a 5-part series on how to get started in commercial real estate investing. If you watch all five, you’ll know what we’re doing to get deals, and whether that sounds like something you can do, too. After you watch