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Bothell Short Sales – Certified WA Short Sale Agents (425) 998-6004

http://www.ShortSaleHomeExpert.com — Bothell Short Sale Agent, Negotiator, Attorney, Specialist, Realtor can help to do short sales homes in Bothell WA (als…

Georgia Auctioneers – Certified Auction Company – Land – Real Estate

Georgia Auctioneers – Certified Auction Company – Land-Real Estate Certified Auction company Sells Land and Real Estate with competitive bids for your property. Georgia Auctioneers are masters at getting the best possible price in current market conditions. A Certified Auction Company…
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Bellevue Short Sale Specialist – CDPE Short Sales Certified – (425) 998-6004

www.ShortSaleHomeExpert.com — Bellevue Short Sales Agent, Attorney, Specialist provide Short Sale Help at NO cost to Homeowners in WA. Experienced Keller Williams Real Estate Realtors can help to avoid foreclosure. What Is A Short Sale? A short sale is when a lender accepts a discount on a mortgage to avoid a possible foreclosure auction or bankruptcy. Instead of buying from a seller, you are purchasing the property directly from the lender for a discount. For example, a homeowner, who is facing foreclosure, has an existing first mortgage of 0000. You write an offer to the lender for 0000, which is accepted as full payment for the loan. This is a short sale. Why Banks Would Let You Short Sell Your Home? 1. Banks do not like excess inventory and bad loans on their books; therefore, if they see an opportunity where they can sell the property without a huge loss, they will do it. 2. Lenders know they could lose a lot more money if the property goes to auction. There are so many fees involved if the property goes to auction, that they would be better off taking the discount beforehand and be finished with the headache of it all. Short Sale Process The short sale process in Washington is fairly simple to understand if you have any experience with real estate. Let’s go through the different steps in a short sale so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. The short sales process starts when a homeowner is delinquent at least 90 days and has been issued a
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Machinery Pete video highlights of December 20, 2011 farm retirement auction in Glenwood, IN featuring late-model Agco tractors, a 2007 Gleaner A85 combine & heads, a White 8800 planter, a 2010 Demco 1050 grain cart, a 2006 Spra Coupe 4450 sprayer, + much more. Sale by Schrader Real Estate & Auction. Video shot for Machinery Pete by Nathan Card
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