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If you have ridges on your nails, a buffer can make your nails nice and smooth. Learn how to use a nail buffer in this free nail care video about manicure supplies. Expert: Theresa Fuentes Bio: Theresa Fuentes lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been doing hair for sixteen years. Filmmaker: Dustin Daniels

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  • allbymysmelf

    4 sided nail buffer

  • allbymysmelf

    Dont use it.

  • TheDellanator

    0:52 i have that one lol

  • fernspink

    I use it on the surface of my nails, and they look scratchy during the first two steps, but the third and fourth steps leave them looking amazing 🙂

  • wootwoot1216

    I just recently bought a fine grit nail buffer, and I’m a little confused how to use it. I tried it on the surface of my nail and all it did was scratch it [well actually I tried it on my little sister first] so I was just wondering whether or not you are suppose to used it on the surface of your nail or just the edges.

  • AGjumbobubbles

    How would you properly clean a buffer?

  • diornotwar123

    it’s hard to maintain nice nails…

  • wanqi8711

    you have filed too much. you should only use the coarsest side once a month. dun buff too much other than the smoothest side.

  • AFGAngelgirl

    I just got this new nail buffer and it started to scratch and mark my nails…. and it started hurting my finger do you have any suggestions?

  • GoldenQueen100

    If I wanted to order the purple one online what would be the name I mean what would I type in to say that I was looking for that pericular buffer

  • Claviale

    Do you feel like you need an award at this point??

  • VivienistheName

    how do you clean the nail shreds out of the buffer?

  • BognaW

    Exactly 😀 And besides too much of that ‘polishing’ can really damage your nails.

  • latanyakarriem

    lol i know right

  • karenaperville

    “….the dead top layer of your nail”??? Your nail is dead!

  • Ditapunya

    Very informative!
    Now I know the correct way to use my buffer.

    Thanks 🙂

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  • MrColdHeartedd

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