Wholesaling REO Houses- The Truth Behind Proof of Funds and Agents

Wholesaling REO Houses – Start Wholesaling REO’s Today by going to http://RealEstateRepoRiches.com/youtube-012/. REO Wholesaling requires proof of funds. In …
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  • CallMePhyfe

    lol… started like crap, but by the middle I was hanging on to your every
    word. Serious information! Grant it… this was not the first time I’ve
    heard it… but your explanation was condensed into a situational format to
    let one know why, when, and where to apply. Wickid info bredrin. k.u.t.g.w.

  • jeffpolk90

    Hey I wonder how many offers should I summit a week as a newborn investor.

  • dgizzle82

    Hey Jamel how do you find new agents or agents who don’t do a lot of
    business,also are you using Transactional funding for these deals

  • Marge Haworth

    Jamel, I work with a lot of investors, sell a ton of Reo properties.
    Sometimes the bank DOES ask for a bank statement, but an experienced agent
    who has an established relationship with you and the bank or asset
    management company will often be able to submit a letter of approval in
    lieu of a bank statement. I always take care of my clients who are loyal to
    me, I am sure other realtors feel the same way.

  • ranja456

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    you to make much more cash fast.

  • Cherrise Berger

    Hi Jamal really like your video. I have a question how dose a newbie in
    wholesaling keep control of a wholesale deal when working with a cash buyer?