Vanilla Ice Shoots New Reality Show in Ohio

I wen to Van Wert, Ohio in search of Vanilla Ice after viewers told us they had spotted him there. Turns out he was shooting a new reality show called Vanill…
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  • Anony mous


  • shawn gaudier


  • Tubofluxar

    lmao why

  • Total Wafflez


  • Full Spectrum Rainbow

    oh wafflez, where did you ever find this story?…….incredible…i second
    that NO of yours……..were those chainsaws i saw there, is that amishly
    legal?…i’m out of the loop on the rules at this point.

  • David Amaro

    Another dumb ass show!!!!!!!

  • Total Wafflez

    This can’t be real coz first of all not trying to be rude but don’t the
    amish not wear sunglasses and such? I may tune in to see how it is lol I
    don’t watch reality shows all that often but this looks eh interesting

  • yahtzee11000

    its good to see ice is doing well

  • rouzbehazshab

    the amish are coming out.

  • TheToasterNinja

    God damn it America.

  • transientdreams

    Nice work Stephanie. Love the Ice!

  • Stephanie Parkinson