The Internet’s Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video‬ – (free download at our website)

The Internet's Most Viewed Independent Religious Music Video‬ - (free download at our website)

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  • jojud

    Christinas don’t even believe God is a big man sitting on a cloud…that’s a cultural thing not a heavenly fact…hey we’re in agreement…:-O

  • WrestlingMachine

    Christians have slaughtered Muslims mercilessly in the crusades, look no further to how they took Jerusalem, especially compared to how Saladin took Jerusalem back from them, now who’s the bad guy? Not the Muslims.

    And the idea that God and Allah are different is laughable when arab Christians and Jews use Allah to refer to “God” . Even the Maltese who are about 98% Roman Catholic refer to “God” as “Alla” yes without the H.

  • WrestlingMachine

    Don’t see why you quoted me, your response has nothing to do with what I said…

    But anyways sounds like your making special loopholes for the existence of a god, unfortunately if you replace “God” with “the universe” it works just the same.

  • BrandtMorain

    Many have asked why we approve comments & disabled ratings. One big reason is because we have been the focus of coordinated attacks by folks who use astroturfing methods.

    The method is simple. Folks creates multiple YouTube accounts & use them to perform multiple dislikes & negative comments against the target video.

    At first we had a 100% positive rating. But when the video started going viral the attacks began.

    There are other attacks occurring. We have many folks worried. We are at war.

  • Sceneyour

    Getting rid of religion wouldn’t make you feel any less guilty.

  • FormerlyAROBLOX09er

    Getting rid of religion wouldnt solve neither Christians nor Muslims.
    They stand for what they believe, even if they had to die from being a follower of their religion.

  • stratmaster95

    havent you ever heard of the separetion of church and state religion should have nothing to do with polotics

  • stratmaster95

    I can a couple instances when Christians did worse things in the past like the crusades pretty much the entire middle ages were Christians killing people with different beliefs than them also the war between the English and the Irish where Protestants were killing catholics or when we came to the new world and killed any Indian who would not covert and destroyed an entire religion… Now I’m catholic and I’m not out to bash any religion but don’t go saying that any religion is any better than a

  • unionofonion

    Only an idiot would believe a giant man sits on clouds made out of H2O congested particles.

    Also, god is not supposed to be a man, it’s a transcendent being that has no gender or need for a physical form since it probably lives in the 5,000th dimension.

    You see, life to me is about mystic imagination & what you want to make of it or what you want to live your life as.
    There’s an X factor of subjects that will never be answered…’s best to worry about what you can know & solve today.

  • unionofonion

    It’s not that they don’t want it to be true, Bluefringes, they just want proof that it is because some people believe with their eyes instead of their sense or innate feelings.

    Those types of people can not comprehend the concept of god because they only see the hand in front of their face & have no imagination for what lies beyond.
    This is not an insult to scientists, it’s the truth of their actions.

    The meaning of life is really what you make of it & with the consequences in mind.

  • unionofonion

    “Comment pending approval, huh? So you put this up on your video and remove the like and dislike bar so you can block out any criticism that doesn’t suit your religious view all the while you spread your ignorance and hate of other types of music and call Obama a Muslim. You are so scared and weak as an individual that you hide behind your God as if he condones your childish antics of modern day internet bullying. Sad little man afraid of truth.”

    You’re a bigot, Marco.

  • unionofonion

    & what you’re doing Marco, is any better? You don’t know this person & get annoyed because he uses his first amendment of speech & that really bothers you.

    You hide behind your computer monitor internet bullying a person you know nothing about because you have the excuse of text & physical reprisal taken away from the equation to feel some type of courage over.

    No, you are infact the sad little man that hides behind the computer monitor, internet bullying people for their own opinions.

  • unionofonion

    If god is a divine being then it wouldn’t have to survive past any kind of process. If it always was, is & will be then it always was around & that’s that.

    Some things will never have answers, I’m sure even god doesn’t know where it came from if it even did or what the beginning of existence is.
    Humans are imperfect & don’t know every thing, if we’re technically shaped after god then god itself would not know everything & I’m fine with that as long as I can live happily & be content.

  • unionofonion

    Who says that god is even a man? God would have no need for a gender if it’s an eternal and ancient being that transcends time & space.

    Some things I know make sense but a being that exists beyond time & space could not be that of the human species but that humans resemble a very small fraction of the appearance.

  • unionofonion

    Blind faith & belief in itself is ignorance.
    You have to have a reason for what you believe in…otherwise, you’re not actually believing, you’re just seeking salvation for selfish and blindness without over-coming.

  • originalsamcon

    I did not intend on discussing religion, just linguistics. Judging by your reply, I’m sorry if the truth was not to your liking.

    As for killings and murder, pick up a newspaper and read what Americans are doing to each other. Or, pick up a history book and read what has been done for centuries.

    Killing is wrong, in any name. But if you want to be accurate, both Judaism and Christianity preempt Islam, in using God’s name to condone murder.

    Again, sorry if this truth is uncomfortable. But he

  • BrandtMorain

    Christian and Jewish churches all over the world are being burned to the ground routinely by Muslims. What do Jews and Christians do? They peaceably rebuild their church. Why?

    But when a cartoon satires the muslim faith you get a worldwide riot complete with all manner of bloodshed, church burning, etc..

    Also, name one Christian/Jewish nation that carries the death penalty for conversion to islam?

    Sorry, the words God and Allah appear to have different meanings.

  • PauliusBa

    Let’s get rid of religion for good!

  • TheRoomy

    Except he’s never, EVER been Muslim. Ever. And he’s never hidden his faith in any way. Just because a blonde with fake boobs on Fox News said it, doesn’t make it true or the word of God or something. It’s bullshit, and if you actually believe the ramblings of insane, hateful psychopaths on Fox about someone they’ve never met, then God help the US indeed. If you are what we call an informed citizen, we need help.

    Obama practices Christianity to the minimum amount needed to become president.

  • kindrednashy

    How about you back off from men, and focus on those lying, cheating, cum slut, fucking whores who think its ok to bs around and then pretend they are princessess!! write a song about that!

  • kindrednashy

    The bible is composed of many many different scenarios from around the world. There is no one man living in space.

  • Nicolasduca

    just wow.

  • originalsamcon


    God and Allah are the same word
    for God in different languages. (ask a Christian who speaks Arabic if you don’t believe me).

    Or are you suggesting that all those that call your God: Dios, Gud, Gut, Got, etc are all non-believers?!

    Yes, the teachings of Islam and Christianity are different, but their belief in one God is the same.

    At least get your facts straight.

    Making ignorant statements, just makes you…ignorant.

  • WrestlingMachine

    Even if there was archeological evidence supporting events in the Bible (which there isn’t), it would still mean nothing. Thats like saying proving New York City exists proves the existence of Spiderman. If you want to take the scientific approach as you say, find irrefutable evidence for a supreme deity that can survive the scrutiny of the peer review process.

    Also your logic is so flawed, I could replace the word Bible with Quran, or any number of different books.

  • 956ThrowDest

    SO does that mean ur evil too??