Second Auction!

The SECOND Angelcheeks Auction is now live. The items include: * Autographed photo of Kaaterskill Falls from Geneticb…

  • MelodyElize

    This idea was brilliant! I absolutely love this.

  • bedoboy

    Just to add very surpirsed but still winning the calligraphy and beatles
    austion items but not for long after this video is on my front page. I wish
    I could bid higher than I do but what can you do. James xoxo

  • enilegnave21

    This ‘theme song’ is sooooooo retro. I’m remembering my tacky tv childhood

  • all4tubekids

    Great video! you guys are awesome! we are working on drawing some pictures
    and paintings for the auction :0)

  • Ladypn N

    So strange, I could have sworn I commented on this last night? Anyway…
    you guys are HYSTERICAL! What a great concept to launch the 2nd Angelcheeks
    auction! The “TubeShoppingChannel” was such a fun, creative and effective
    way to present the new auction items! I just love it!

  • LilCav68

    Awesome! (the auction and Andrea I mean) Brian, you’re okay too..*cough*

  • dancegypsy

    Loved the cheesy music and your even cheesier closing smile, Brian. Great
    way to present the second auction. Thanks for the helpful descriptions. Yay
    for AngelCheeks!!

  • enilegnave21

    You ARE the King of Cheesy!!!!!

  • lolaknows

    So great!!!

  • Ariel Sanders

    Very cool!

  • Bikermom69

    Awesome video! Off to bid on round 2!

  • musoSF

    Ooh I want to put on my best leisure suit and boogie down to the hip
    sounds! Seriously, I LOVE you two as HSN presenters and I’m bowled over by
    the creative and original items people are putting up for auction.

  • rexlv2000

    Nice idea you have there. I hope you have success with it.

  • AMCoffline

    you two are so cute LOL love it 🙂 can’t wait for auction #3

  • SledgeShades Films “REAL Life Films Defined”

    just got over the excitement of the first now its the second one … brain
    slow down cant follow !

  • LachyMcLachlan

    if you have ever received free merchandise from youtube like t-shirts or
    socks or anything, i think those items would sell like hotcakes!

  • kenrg

    Has that toilet seat been sanitized for our protection? Or maybe I’ll just
    bid on the YT cubicle…

  • angelcheeksauction

    I love this, brilliant idea!

  • williamdouglasb

    Good luck!

  • dherae

    Cool vid, guys. Great items up for bid, too. Wish I could help.

  • LAArtGallery

    The outreach following is absolutely Wonderful!! Good luck guys! Too funny,
    love the background music on this. LOL

  • bedoboy

    Brilliant video folks, thanks for posting this straight on my fornt page.

  • Ladypn N

    What a GREAT concept you two! Fabulous!! Even the MUSIC is perfect for the
    TubeShoppingChannel! LOL Great vid, Brian and Andrea! Should really help
    promote the auction!

  • IWalk4tnt

    This warmed my heart and made me smile. You guys are doing a great thing!

  • IAGuy06

    Great items. I especially like Joe’s painting. Hope they all bring a lot
    for the foundation. (You’re a fruitcake, you know that.) 🙂