Real Estate Vultures

Real Estate Vultures

some parts of the country, housing prices are falling at double-digit rates. A bad situation for homeowners, but a possible opportunity for investors. Money …
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  • Sandy Williams

    Real Estate Vultures

  • Marble Mountain

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  • Ross Martin

    Even if the “big investors” buy, who are they are going to sell to? If if
    people have jobs and decent credit, the banks are still turning them down.

  • slobomotion

    “Even years away.” That’s what I have been telling people. That’s what I
    KEEP telling them. So many people in denial.

  • jackinla8


  • Pat Gage

    This is the best time to be looking for the right investment, not when the
    market was sky high.

  • chrisrugh17

    anybody has visited this site? ww,house-in-seattle,com? think they rents
    houses and other private residences in Seattle, WA as vacation homes

  • VegasRealEstateBlog


  • SpeedingStudent

    Sounds like a great garage band name! “…and now, for our big
    act…welcome Real Estate Vultures!!!” *band starts rocking*

  • opinion56

    your right, but I would not generalize a nation over some materialistic

  • blairstover

    It’s unfortunate!

  • tbreest

    Here in the Phoenix area, real estate sales have had a sudden surge,
    granted prices have fallen sharply in the last few weeks. Listingsupply com
    indicates that MLS listings in the major US markets are finally starting to
    fall, which should mean price stability ahead. Let’s hope!

  • John Mosley

    This is a very great video! Thanks for creating it.

  • hannahunney

    There will be slumlords everywhere.

  • X Hover

    @kenyandamu It will recover it always does..

  • UltimateBargains

    The value of real estate is determined by the amount of debt that it can
    support from rental income. This is called Income Valuation, which almost
    always calculates a value that is less than the Realtor “Comparable Sales
    Valuation” (emotion based value). Emotion bids up the price and hard number
    crunching brings it back down to reality. Only pay a price that is
    supported by market rents for reasonable cost of debt.

  • kenyandamu

    The housing industry will never recover and thats the painful truth …
    There are millionsof empty houses in California and folks aren’t buying
    them even though they are way cheaper than a few years ago …

  • Jason Kuziej

    yea it bushes fault and housing market will get fixed as long as
    republicans dont fuck it up for us demicrats work for all humans not just
    people of special interest

  • Orv Alter

    Make ur life simple . Jas go shopping Rent ur house n b happy

  • carsearch2001

    Either: 1.) This is a downturn remeniscent of the late 1980s that made
    hawks into millionaires or: 2.) it is the beginning of the end for the USA;
    read, first step down to our new place as a second rate country. After all,
    you gotta have jobs and income to raise housing prices and, “those city
    jobs are going boy and they ain’t comin back to your hometown”.

  • EasternCentury

    Malaysia real estate is still resilient to global economy dowturn. Some
    high end residential areas are stil in uptrend. Please contact us if you
    need to know more about Malaysia real estate investment. Thank you.

  • DanielLacayo1

    TURKEY vultures?

  • xTwiinKy –

    Correct me if im wrong, your house never went down in CONDITION. Unless
    something happened to your home, like a fire, or mold etc… its still in
    the same condition. Its market value has dropped, but IF the housing market
    will ever recover, the house will go back to original value. CONDITION AND
    VALUE there two different things but important things to know about it.

  • Nutopian915

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