On the set of Sahkanaga in Walker County Georgia

This is video I did on the set of the independed film “Sahkanaga” written and directed by John Henry Summerour. The movie is based on the Tri State Crematory…
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  • nicki whitlock

    want to see the whole movie. im from chickamauga ga and sad to say i know
    the some of the family responsible for this tragidy. my aunt worked at the
    cemetery were the bodies were moved.

  • 40AcreMule

    I’ve been morbidly fascinated by the Tri-State Crematory scandal since it
    first broke the news. On a trip to Chattanooga a few years back I even took
    the time to drive down to Walker County and cruise past the former
    crematory property (I had a devil of a time finding the right road. I’ll be
    looking forward to seeing this film.

  • o0Psy0o

    My grandpa was one of those 300+ people…

  • doebilbo01

    I would love to see this movie. I have been trying to find it all day! can
    you help me out?