How to purchase a property from the sheriff’s auction at the courthouse

We recently purchased a house this way, no one really seemed to have all the answers, so I thought I would put together what I learned from this process. Thi…
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  • Robert Martin

    In my area, homes sell FAR below the Sherriff’s sale price after the home
    goes BACK to the bank after the Sherriff’s sale. Then it is an REO, it’s
    listed, title insurance is provided AND the buyer has a 10 day inspection
    period where utilities are turned ON, you can have an inspector etc…


    great video your very honest.

  • MrPerformance27

    i found a home for sheriff sale. its a friend of mine, i looked through the
    house. they told me what it needs etc. they built the house around 1990.
    would you still recommend the title search? your attorney cost 800 to
    review the title? i have a week until the auction. 

  • Panikovskii

    How wonderful you are to share this info. There’s so much junk online….I
    finally got a feeling I start understanding. Short and sweet.

  • Shariff Saad

    Is the process the same in every county and state?

  • felipe reyes

    Men thank You.

  • Mr419247

    Wish more video on YouTube was as helpful !

  • Pjbialas

    Brandon, I hope your doing awesome…. Give me a call I’ll help you out..
    its confusing stuff and hours of searching on youtube really get you
    nothing of substance thats why I took the time to post this after I learned
    it all from scratch.. I guess I shouldn’t post my number on here…just get
    it from Laabs… -p

  • A’Driann Roland

    Thanks, this is great!

  • E Stan

    Hi, i was thinking about doing this for profit since i am pretty handy and
    right now do not have a job. I really dont think though you will be
    actually to go into a house. You will be very lucky if you can! What about
    Judicial Law sales also? ANy help is much appreciated!! We have 512 homes
    going to sherriff sale here in my county. How do you find out if there is
    other liens on the property?

  • monstervison6

    Great job Paul! Nice video…Cousin Nathan

  • Eddie Veddar

    HOLY SH@! Paul is that you??? I am pursuing a foreclosed home and though I
    would you tube it an sure as I am standing there you show up. This is
    Beardy Casey’s buddy. This is the most informative thing I have found on
    the web yet. I am going to call Casey to get your number and call you.