• SunShine8308

    In a lot of ways this place is worth the $3m but I think that it is going
    to have to come down to the low-to-mid $1m figures in order to reach the
    actual value and sell. When the price of fuel really goes up, people will
    be quite immobilized, so the real future would be as some kind of
    collective. -“tarotworldtour”

  • Will D

    Any videos in south florida, east coast?

  • Johan Käll

    This motel is listed at 850k quite good, let’s say 500k even 🙂 Check out
    the ussmith website under Commercial

  • slobomotion

    Seasonal businesses are so risky. The family who owned the dead place I
    loved were Portuguese fishermen and the motel/cottages went by word of
    mouth and tended to be booked way, way in advance. It was inherently
    fragile. The old couple retired, trained new owners and it was going okay
    when I was last there, but who knows, now? I went even during “bad” Summers
    and loved the stormy seas! I guess I was a diehard.

  • kcirdrab

    It’s a bit surprising how quiet this place is for a Sunday, it looks pretty
    dead, maybe that’s what killed the business Typical realtors not to bother
    even draining the pool

  • slobomotion

    You’ve just said what I’ve been saying for over a year, and I am not alone.
    I fear there is already a backlash against the few Japanese who managed to
    get out. They are irradiated and treated like pariahs. I don’t think North
    Americans realize, the entire West Coast can’t be used for agricultural
    purposes again, ever.

  • EconCat88

    Although I was only there one afternoon, I really did sense opportunity
    there. That, of course, is a rare thing for me to say about any place in
    the US, especially Florida.

  • michaelpoczynek

    Here is the link: tinyurl (dot) com/83hlzad Not a bad deal at all.

  • mja2035

    This must have been a great low budget hotel in its hay day. Lots of work
    to bring it back. It looks like a nice part of Florida, nice tour Econ.

  • OCHomesforsale

    Great video.

  • SunShine8308

    I don’t want to get that serious but yes, I would agree that it would take
    a long time before you could really net the $100. -“tarotworldtour”

  • TheChuck624

    Nice tour Econ but I’m an Atlantic Sider myself. Two refreshing things
    about this however; no vandalism, which can include graffiti. Nothing
    appears to be stripped off the building in the way of aluminum, iron, brass
    and copper. So, at least thats something positive we have seen little of
    recently. Good work sir.

  • kcirdrab

    U sound tempted Econ?

  • inbredagogo

    The 4 dollar gas seems to be a direct correlation of the two-front wars
    that we’ve been engaged in for the better part of a decade in the mid-east.
    Before the wars gas was under 2 dollars a gallon.

  • 1000chic

    The “Gulf American” side of Florida is a financial MESS!! Thanks EconCat88

  • Linus Hessling

    I love your work.

  • slobomotion

    The efficiency cottage I loved to rent was refurbished inside and out and
    just a few years later I could see the salt water undoing all the hard
    work. It was such a reliably pleasant place, however, word of mouth and
    repeat business kept them going, even in harsh recession years. I remember
    years when Americans feared foreign travel due to “terrorists!” I always
    went then and enjoyed the sincere warm welcomes from the hungry merchants
    and all the quiet, ha ha!

  • EconCat88

    I’m a little late replying, but thanks for watching.

  • slobomotion

    Thanks! 1986 was a big “terrorist fear” year in the USA, so my spouse at
    that time and I took a first class trip from London to Venice on the
    Orient-Express, nothing but first class all the way, meals, accommodations,
    shopping. We barely saw ANY other Americans and the normally surly
    Londoners were all smiles and happy to see us spending money! We actually
    made money on that trip, long story. Americans tend to have a “herd
    mentality.” They turn chicken quickly!

  • EconCat88

    Yap, dig up those few dozen coffee cans of 1,000 dollar bills in your back
    yard and buy this motel for several million.

  • EconCat88

    I’m thinking for insurance/liability, the guest rooms part of the place is
    a tear down and rebuild on stilts, like some of the neighboring properties.

  • EconCat88

    Wow. I think it will sell at that price. Even as a tear down and rebuild,
    it’s worth that imo.

  • WhatTheHeo

    Neat place to go fishing.

  • EconCat88

    Thanks for watching.

  • Delinda Sarnecki

    I haven’t seen you cruising out to Boca Grande or Clearwater areas but then
    I haven’t seen all the videos.