Driver Drives Thru Auction Crowd and gets cussed out

A self storage auction in Orange County, California conducted by Laura Dotson, while not missing a beat, as an impatient driver drives through the middle of …
Video Rating: 3 / 5

  • aceswillwin

    That driver was A damn idiot!~

  • theempresshenry

    She has a nice voice.

  • WhereMyChicken

    Never wear sunglasses when you are an auctioneer. The bidders NEED to see
    your eyes.

  • straydoggio

    What’s the fuss. If I were the driver I’d be annoyed at people blocking a
    vehicle right-of-way.

  • slinkycat321

    That lady is smart, that would have short circuited my train of thought and
    I would have had to start all over again

  • OrthopedicFantasies

    Those people have no right-of-way. They could have let the guy drive

  • marcos chavez

    If that was me I would kept my hand on the horn yelling
    yuuuuuppppppppppppppp all the way out of there

  • rikky383

    Whaaaat!?!?! You seriously aren’t going to show what’s inside of the
    storage container? I want to know what these people get for that price!!
    Next time keep the camera rolling for the grand finale!

  • 1888junkteam

    excellent work!

  • GeEkyKibBles

    honking the horn FTW!

  • aceswillwin

    Do these people bid on owning the whole unit or are they bidding on the
    stuff inside of it. How come u don’t open the door to take a peak on what’s
    inside of it.