DreamDirt.com – Farm and Ranch Real Estate

DreamDirt.com - Farm and Ranch Real Estate

DreamDirt Farm and Ranch Real Estate LLC opened its doors as a real estate brokerage and auction firm in 2013 under the direction of Auctioneer/Broker Jason …

  • Mike Fisher

    What a great video and even a greater guy.

  • Chris Niemann

    Alright everyone, DreamDirtTV out of Iowa hasn’t made it over to Google+
    yet but they are an amazing group of people in the Real Estate business and
    have some very very very cool pictures in their FB album as well! They
    have been working for 2 years on this promo teaser trailer for their
    upcoming TV production and I’m here to help spread the word! The shots in
    the video are only a fraction of the photos they have on their album!


    From DreamDirt on FB:

    *Ladies and gentlemen I am extremely proud to present to you all the
    creative and hard work of DreamDirtTV team. Nearly 2 years of planning and
    shooting has gone into this promotional video for our upcoming TV
    production DreamDirt TV – Farm and Ranch Real Estate. Enjoy and please
    please if you do enjoy it… SHARE this video*