Downtown Toledo, Ohio – America’s graveyard for the small business owner.

Despite the endless hoopla about downtown Toledo, Ohio, the business failure rate remains high.
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  • EconCat88

    I haven’t seen it for I don’t watch much TV, but that is very sharp

  • jvolstad

    I wonder how many people live and work in the downtown area? There is
    nothing like walking to work and not having to drive.


    Here is a groovy idea, Open a restaurant with a gun range/gun store inside.
    Come on down! You can eat and go shooting at the same time.

  • slobomotion

    Uprated. Sad! My pal from Sandusky is staying with a pal in Cleveland after
    five years of working construction in NYC & he’s in his 50s now, realizes
    he doesn’t know what he’s doing, where to go, he’s looking at “jobs
    markets” and says they’re mostly websites making money off ad clicks. He
    usually gets by fine with grunt jobs nobody wants but I dunno what he’s
    gonna do now … that is still a very pretty little downtown there, but
    yeow, it sure is dead.

  • mja2035

    That out of business breakfast place had to support that “Issue 25”,
    especially with the gooberment goons right across the street. Independent
    businesses can’t compete with the chain stores. You make Toledo look good

  • S. McCloy

    Wal mart has successfully put most of their competitors out of business in
    the grocery industry now they are trying to take out the restaurants. Have
    you seen their latest advertising campaign? They show how much money you
    can save if you bought your groceries at WMT and brown bagged it. I
    recommend that advice but for WMT to advertize it they might as well say we
    have closed all the businesses to save you money we want to close more.
    When all are gone we own you we can rise prices.

  • EconCat88

    First, I wasn’t in a car during this video. It was being played at one of
    the businesses I was walking past. Second, I don’t tolerate ignorant people
    at my page, so adios amigo!

  • toledoisawesome

    You have no idea why Weekdays closed. Here’s a thought: their food was
    terrible. Ranya’s is still open and doing great. Jominic’s is too. Maybe if
    you went to these businesses instead of shooting videos of them after they
    closed, you’d know that.

  • kcirdrab

    Classic Americana building @ 1.46

  • sc0tte1

    That last street looked a lot like King st down here, just a lot cleaner
    lol. I sure wouldn’t miss the traffic…and you say that was during rush
    hour? wowww