Downtown Toledo is dead! How much would you pay for this building?

Toledo’s historic Spitzer Building failed to receive a bid at a couple recent auctions. Links:…
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  • Jr Blaneknship

    I worked in that building back in 1997-1998 as a file clerk for one of the
    law firms, back then that building was humming, all the lower shops were
    full, Burt the barber had his shop down there. That was great during lunch
    I could get my hair cut. Although that was the worst job I ever had, I have
    memories of that building buzzing, such a shame it has to come to this. It
    never fails when an out of town owner buys something it is always ruined,
    the Woodville Mall for example.

  • Barb Chester

    Such a shame….

  • rickster348

    no way.

  • connie pelchat

    I used to go into the Spitzer Bldg from the grand old dept store entrance
    and would sneak into the upper floors in the early 70’s. It was all
    attorneys on the upper floors but so beautiful with the marble and grand
    wood railing staircases. I can’t get out anymore but love your videos even
    though they show the sad decline of these wonderful old bldg. I used to say
    when I went on vacations all I wanted was a flashlight, claw hammer and
    shovel so I could get into the old buildings, homes, offices and abandoned
    factories wherever I visited and wanted to start with my hometown Toledo,
    now I’m not admitting to anything but when I was younger and mobile…..
    Thank You for taking me to the places I want to see but can no longer visit
    and if you ever get a chance check out 1610 or 1710 Oakdale Ave. It’s a
    owned vac. home built in 1863, I think when it was bought in 1999 the
    intentions were to restore it. The tax records only go back to the 1940’s
    but at 1 time it was grand home FYI.

  • EconCat88

    JV, I wish you a quick recovery.

  • AwohaliSagwu

    Wow, I love the building just because it is old with all the old
    architectural carvings and mill work. If I was rich I’d love to buy the
    building and turn all the upstairs space into upscale apartments and the
    ground floor into upscale gourmet shops and restaurants and maybe a dance
    club, something that would appeal to successful business people in the 30
    something range.

  • kitty kittyhello

    You should check out the old cubs food building on Jackman rd it’s a eye
    sore still empty the owners ant keeping it up the whole area is like that

  • slobomotion

    People are saying that Detroit should just be razed and turned over to
    agriculture or something and that is not maybe such a crazy idea. I don’t
    know, you have to understand, when I used to go to Detroit in the early
    ’70s it was already “Kill City” and seemed to be hopelessly sliding into
    Rust Oblivion.

  • EconCat88

    Hey, thanks for stopping by…long time no see.

  • EconCat88


  • EconCat88

    The current taxes are 12k per 6 mo. The current owner paid 800k for the
    building in April 2009. The current delinquent property taxes are 176k. I
    believe the same California man owns another building at the same

  • TornLegorf

    maybe what folks could do is mutual ownership and crowd fund these old

  • EconCat88

    One nice apartment in NYC would be worth millions. It’s a different world
    here, however.

  • Tzstep

    why would you want to live in that shithole to begin with??? with the
    property “tax” there, you could be a KING in the far east! Work smarter,
    not harder.

  • EconCat88

    KC, fly here and buy yourself a skyscraper for less than you’d pay for a
    one room apartment where you live now.

  • Michael Pierce

    If I had the $ I’d buy all the crappy buildings in Toledo and knock them
    down. Same with all of the blighted homes…let the size of Toledo resemble
    the actual size of it’s economy.

  • someguy23475

    I’ve been in both the Madison Bistro and the coffee house, but nothing else
    in the Spitzer. The fact it’s not worth even $130,000 in its current
    condition is quite sad. I wonder how much the rents are for the tenants,
    and if they are current.

  • jvolstad

    Any parking come with it? I would turn the upper floors into rental lofts.
    BTW, just got out of five stay in the hospital. Your videos help pass the
    long nights.

  • kcirdrab

    Good example of terracotta fronted Victoriana. The problem with grand old
    buildings such as this is they require a financially thriving community
    using them to be maintained, without that they r white elephants When this
    was built the USA’s industrial belts were in formation, but with industry
    having gone the purpose they were constructed for – to house the
    professions, lawyers, etc. servicing industry’s clerical needs – has
    vanished also Maybe the Chows will buy & fill it with Section 8?

  • slobomotion

    They made it cheap and easy for immigrants to get work permits in NYC. It
    took one day maximum and was very cheap. It was not a Green Card. These
    were only good for NYC’s five boroughs I think. You can be sure all the
    immigrants we had (many were Irish, in the States illegally, can you
    believe that?) signed up and were declared workers pronto. Bingo, the
    horrible cleanup work and shit jobs were filled and there were tax revenues
    to rebuild that decayed city.

  • Mike May

    i like dark bars

  • EconCat88

    I wish I had some positive news to report from here.

  • nigelbulls23

    Its a very beautiful building. I’d be curious to the amount of money spent
    on property taxes.

  • MrEricStarr

    turn that bitch into a apartment complex, and keep a few stores at the
    bottom for the tenants who live there.

  • TheBuckeyeFarm

    I loved Quiznos subs, but most are gone with the franchisee money! I used
    to live in Massillon, Ohio, and the rust belt can’t support those
    buildings, because the steel and factory paying jobs are gone and they will
    never return. Most of the money is sent and spent in southern Ohio now. If
    that building was in Columbus or Cincinnati, it could make money. Toledo is
    looking a little like Youngstown, which is sad.