Difference Between Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing

Difference Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing – http://www.taxsalelists.com/free/290 In this vide you will discover the difference between tien and tax deed inv…
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  • bryanmallen

    You failed to mention that the tax liens are auctioned off….not just sold
    for the owed amount. Banks and Mortgage companies send bidders to these
    auctions to bid up the cost to keep you from getting them at cost. The
    interest owed is not paid on what you pay, but what was owed in taxes.
    Unless you get the lien for the amount owed, its not a good deal.

    You also didn’t mention that if they dont pay you back, you have to go
    through foreclosure through the courts….on your dime. They don’t just
    hand you the property, you have to legally take it, which can be VERY

  • john landeros

    Thanks John, that was very informative. Very nice of you to take time out
    of your schedule to share that with us.


    John, on a tax deed sale are all the 1st and /or 2nd mortgages wiped
    out? Are all liens voided or do you get tagged for anything? Thanks..

  • Tax Sale Lists

    So…What is the difference between Tax Liens and Tax Deeds. This video
    explains all

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  • Thomas Colon

    Thanks, been looking at getting into tax sales, this really helps

  • John Lane

    We try and make it as easy as possible 🙂

  • John Lane

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    Thanks John always great info

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