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What is the FHA 203k? (the long answer)

pixvid.me What is the FHA 203k? It’s a way for home buyers to find a house they want and turn it into the home they love. You can finance home improvements like a new roof, new paint, upgrade appliances and more. You can also finance FHA-required repairs like proper flooring, lead-based paint and mold issues plus more. And it all rolls into one mortgage payment. Learn more with national renovation lending expert Joe Daly and Mortgage Minute TV. Get the free guide: blog.amerifirst.com More FHA 203k articles: blog.amerifirst.com FHA 203k video playlist: www.youtube.com Music courtesy: “Feelin Good” by Kevin MacLeod: incompetech.com AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is a home buyers resource center and community mortgage banker. We focus on educating homeowners and home buyers in the details of the housing market and more.

The Student Loan Debt Bubble: What Can Be Done?

dailyreckoning.com America’s student loan debt is over trillion, greater than auto debt and credit debt, and second only to mortgage debt. The cost of college tuition has grown considerably faster than the inflation rate, leaving today’s graduating students with an increasingly large debt burden. But what is government’s role in all this? In this exclusive Daily Reckoning video, we explain why tuition is rising so rapidly and how it can be reversed. Connect with us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter: twitter.com
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Morning Joe talks Newt Gingrich HYPOCRISY over Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

According to the Associated Press, Gingrich’s work with Freddie Mac started in 1999 after being brought in by the company’s top lobbyist, Mitchell Delk, to consult on legislative and regulatory issues, the company said at the time. He was paid approximately 000 a month into 2002. Freddie brought him back again four years later at 0000 annually to help defend against attacks from conservatives. So Gingrich appears to be lying, which is clearly such a pattern for him that it consistently and ultimately brings him down, as it is certain to do again now. Back in 2008 Gingrich aggressively challenged Obama to distance himself from Freddie and Fannie by returning all campaign contributions. And at the recent debate, he arrogantly charged that those responsible for the housing crisis should be put in jail: “You ought to start with Barney Frank. Go back and look at the lobbyists he was close to at Freddie Mac.” Perhaps what’s good for the goose is good for the Gingrich… — Andy Ostroy, Huffington Post
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Alex Jones Tv {Sunday Edition} 1/8: Geithner’s Backdoor Deal with AIG & Mobile Naked Street Scanners

Alex goes into the top stories of the past week including a story about mobile naked body scanners for the streets of america and also brain scanners coming to airports in the future.Yes, it’s 1984 with a Buck Rodgers twist here in the 21st century Police Grid. prisonplanet.tv Geithners Fed told AIG to hide backdoor bailout Homeland Stupidity January 10, 2010 The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, during its 0 billion bailout of American International Group, Inc., instructed AIG to omit details of its purchase of certain toxic assets from a December 24, 2008, Securities and Exchange Commission filing, according to e-mails between the company and the Fed released Thursday. Protesters yell at people looking out the windows of an AIG office building during a rally against government bailouts for corporations in April, 2009. Using bailout money provided by the Fed, AIG paid a number of banks 100 percent of the face value of credit-default swaps, contracts tied to subprime home loans, at a time when other institutions were negotiating deep discounts for the paper. The names of the banks were also omitted from the SEC filing. The information was finally disclosed in March 2009 after the SEC challenged AIGs filing, prompting lawmakers and analysts to call the transactions a backdoor bailout of the banks. Topping the list of banks which benefited from the backdoor bailout of their toxic paper were Goldman Sachs and Societe Generale SA. The e-mails, released Thursday by Rep

pixvid.me Whether it’s appliances, carpet or mold removal, the limited repair program FHA 203k Streamline is your home improvement and repair loan. If you’re looking for structural repairs like replacing a sill plate, pouring a new foundation or something more serious, the loan you want to consider the Full 203k Loan. 203k Educator Joe Daly breaks down the finer points of the 203k options in this Mortgage Minute. The 203k Loan doesn’t have to take months to close. AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is working to spread the word to borrowers and real estate agents that this FHA program can help rejuvenate neighborhoods hit hard by foreclosure. You can borrow against the future value of a home you find that’s a great buy but needs work. In fact we call it the “But Loan” because the 203k covers everything after “I like this house but…” Let us know how we can help.
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