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Formerly Foreclosed Home Is Now a Contemporary Showplace

A once-foreclosed and vacant home now completely renovated marks progress in Dayton’s neighborhood revitalization initiatives, as one of the many properties returned to productive use through Neighborhood Stabilization Programs. The three-bedroom, two-bath, brick cape ranch, at 203 Bellewood Avenue in Dayton’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, is now a contemporary showplace with energy efficient windows, wood burning fireplace, beautifully re-finished hardwood floors, large waterproof basement, and completely remodeled kitchen and baths, along with new energy-efficient mechanical systems and appliances. The property is currently available for sale, at 0000. A ribbon-cutting and open house was held August 14, 2012, to celebrate the home’s transformation. The Bellewood home was foreclosed on by PHH Mortgage Corporation in April 2011 and acquired by CityWide, the City of Dayton’s development partner, in September of 2011. The home was purchased using Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds awarded to the City of Dayton through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the federal Stimulus law. CityWide oversaw the home’s renovation, which utilized architecture and construction services based in Dayton. In 2008 and 2009, the City of Dayton sought and was awarded more than million in federal NSP funds, to be used for property acquisition, rehabilitation and demolition, as well as construction of new housing in targeted areas. Eight homes restored by CityWide

What is a HAFA Short Sale

There are 3 different HAFA programs depending on who your investor is. There is a Fannie Mae HAFA, Freddie Mac Hafa, and Non Fannie and Non Freddie HAFA. I recommend looking up your loan on www.MakingHomeAffordable.gov to see who your investor is. If you qualify for HAFA the bank will pay you 00 towards closing costs and will waive your deficency. We strongly recommend you call us before you get to far behind on payments. Usually to qualify for HAFA you must apply at least 60 days before your foreclosure auction. We can help you avoid foreclosure in the Colorado Springs area. We’ve helped over 250 families avoid foreclosure. Pink Real Estate (We Buy Houses) (719) 471-PINK (7465) www.PinkRealEstate.com Pink Realty (real estate brokerage that lists homes) (719) 393-PINK (7465) http
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