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Eugene Foreclosures – Begin Your Free Foreclosure Search in Eugene Now!

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Dave Dettmann takes you on an informational “need-to-know” tour of what to watch out for when buying a foreclosed home. There are many things the buyer needs to “beware” of when purchasing a bank foreclosure, and this video will answer many questions. Part 2 in a series. Dave Dettmann is a Realtor and a real estate trainer & professional speaker, and has over 20 years experience in the field of real estate. You can reach him by e-mailing him at: dave@realestateagentsedge.com.

Bank Foreclosure FRAUD pt.5 of 5 Save the Best For Last…CONCEALMENT…CONSPIRACY…WIRE FRAUD!!

stopforeclosurefraud.com WE WILL WIN…WE ARE GETTING CLOSER…ONE LAYER AT A TIME. …I will show you how MY personal Mortgage Foreclosure FRAUD happened. Pay close attention and learn before it is too late. Here are the subjects and principles. Hi Erica Johnson-SECK (SICK) I read in your Deposition how you google your name …Just add this one for reference. Law Offices Of David J. Stern PA in Plantation Florida Roger Stotts Dennis Kirkpatrick These people are ALL over the US pulling this crap Do searches on them and all and see what you can find out to save your home. Judge Dale Ross in broward gave my home to IndyMac Bank (Property Managers) and when I tried to speak he rolled his eyes and said “What Difference Does it make”?????? He pre-judged me and this is not his job… The difference is the courts are aiding & abetting FRAUD. Yes Google his name and we will see how his peers enjoy him. I did NOT have a fair trial. I was raped from my RIGHTS as a citizen. Learn from this study it and maybe WE ON OUR OWN without the GOVERNMENT can make a difference. Thank you for allowing us to loose our wealth, rights, and justice for all. These are some excellent resources. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT OUR GOVERNMENT FAILED US. We have just scratched the surface. Wait to see what is at the CORE.
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Home for sale in Victoria Park in Nort Naples, Florida. Great location, desirable community! SHORT SALE!!!
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