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San Diego Foreclosure Homes under $200K – News story

San Diego Foreclosure Homes under 0K - News story

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The Underground Presents: 442 Co Rt 32 Hastings, NY- HomeSteps Foreclosure $164900

Sshhhhh…..the symphony is about to begin. The soaring trees are the audience as they quietly watch the turkeys, blue jays and deer parade in back of this 6-year young 2300 sqft. Cape Cod. The kitchen windows give you the front row seat to the magical performance that builds to a crescendo and then disappears to a welcome almost surreal silence as the moon bounces off the white thick blanket of snow. Oh and yes the home is cozy, open floor plan and…well…magnificent. Can you here the symbols clash. Price 4900. Call Adolfi Real Estate,inc. 315-695-6434 Our web site is: www.Adolfi.com
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