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2012 Foreclosure-to-Rental Program to Capture 50% of Bank Foreclosures

Visit www.WestCountyBlog.com for more information. One thing I should clarify that I didn’t mention in the video 7.5 Million foreclosures in pipeline with half in the top 20 metropolitan areas. The majority of the foreclosures that will be sold are concentrated in the 20 metropolitan areas hit the hardest by the housing crash. That is why 50% of government-backed mortgage foreclosures in those areas will never hit the market. For example, at the end of February 2012 the first bulk sale was put for for auction. It consisted of 2490 homes in 6 cities ONLY. Yes only 6 cities and they were cities hit hard by the housing crash. This is why 50% in these metropolitan areas will disappear. Of course this will create an even more shortage of inventory in many of these areas and we will see another small bubble in home values before it pops in a few years when the hedge funds and equity firms decide to liquidate properties. So if you are thinking of selling your home, do so within the next year or two. You’ll have the advantage of high buyer demand. by Marc Guzman
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Home Steps

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