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Fannie Mae Short Sale Natomas Short Sale Agent and Default Advocate Mike Rigley

www.shortsaleandloanmod.info Natomas Short Sale Agent and Default Advocate Mike Rigley discusses Fannie Mae Short Sale Perseverance pays off. We are currently working on a Fannie Mae Seratus short sale where our dogged perseverance will be the difference between short sale and foreclosure for this young family. We received the call to help this nice family after the notice of sale had been filed. Knowing Fannie Mae rarely postpones auction sale dates we knew we had our work cut out for us. We put the property on the market on a Friday — priced to sell but still within the Fair Market Value of the neighborhood. We had the property in contract by Monday morning and had our short sale package to the investor by Tuesday. Feeling like we had a sure winner we received information back that the agent who did the price valuation for the property had valued the property higher than any recent sold in the past 6 months. Knowing we had the property priced correctly, we successfully submitted the value dispute package and escalated the file not only to the negotiator but to Fannie Mae directly. Now we don’t have the final results yet, but based on our experience we are going to be able to save this nice family from foreclosure. It just goes to show how the incompetence of one BPO agent getting paid for the price valuation can cause tens of thousands of dollars damage to the investor in lost revenue and cause a family to lose their home. To get a better idea of when your Natomas
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OCCUPY Foreclosed Homes in Detroit – Taking back from the Bankers

OCCUPY Foreclosed Homes in Detroit – Taking back from the Bankers Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange) & Justin Wedes (@JustinWedes) talk to Brian O’Neal, Founder & Chairman of the Do Foundation (dofoundation.net) about their work in Detroit, Michigan. Luke also gets a first hand look at foreclosed & abandoned homes being occupied by Occupy Detroit (http tags: occupy, nsl, salvation army, no government funding, works, political, no red tape, homeless, help, do foundation, occupy detroit, occupy foreclosed homes, property, bankers, banks, money, vacant houses, people, o for o, foreclosure, family, families, occupy home, house, crime, block, fiat currency, mortgage, house for sale, super cheap, movement, ows, occupy wall st, community, detroit, people, clothes, empty, poverty, 2012, ron paul, vote ron paul, scrappers, electrics, copper, pipe, scrap, for sale, we are change, poor, usa, us, nwo, new world order, illuminati,