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Court House Steps/Real Estate Auction

Title Talk attends a live court house step real estate auction. Bring your “A Game” if you want to play with these investors. Serious bidding and serious money are happening.

An updated version of this video is available at: youtu.be There were four properties scheduled to be auctioned in Brooklyn last Thursday. Only one sale took place. Here’s why. According to Rob Robinson of Take Back the Land.org, the disruption caused total chaos. “The court officers don’t know what to do when the singing starts.” The members of Organizing for Occupation, Housing is a Human Right and Occupy Wall Street who took part in the Brooklyn action included many of those who executed and planned December 6’s Day of Actions. There’s more coming up, in what they’re calling a “Spring Offensive.” Let’s just say, dormant they’re not! -Laura Flanders Published on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by The Nation www.thenation.com

What is a Luxury Real Estate Auction and How Does it Work? FAQ

What is a Luxury Real Estate Auction and How Does it Work? FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Luxury Property Real Estate Auctions.
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www.propertymob.com …ask your burning questions on anything to do with real estate, wholesaling or ….fashion. We take your questions and answer them on the property MOB videos. This was a special video on a recent auction we did to move a property in 5 days. http …check it out for back episodes.